At the faregate
Wide faregates make entry and exit easier for a safe and comfortable start and end to your journey.
• Tap your ez-link card on the card reader mounted on top of the faregate and proceed through when the green light comes on.
On the escalator
All the NEL stations have
escalators from the street to the concourse level and from the concourse to platform level. The escalators have an energy saving feature whereby the escalators only gather speed when in use.
• Always hold onto the handrails.

• Do not block the escalator landing.

• Give way to other commuters by keeping left when on the escalator.

• Stand clear of the escalator step edges and sides as marked by the yellow line.

• In an emergency, the escalator can be stopped by pressing the emergency stop button at the ends or in the middle of the escalator.

• Never sit or play on the escalator.