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SBS Transit - Press Release
SBS Transit - Press Release

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  Feb '07

Temporary Changes to Bus Services during Lunar New Year 2007
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Temporary Changes to Bus Services during Lunar Year 2007

16 February 2007

In view of the varying demand during the Lunar New Year festive period, SBS Transit will be making temporary changes to its service operations for selected bus services.

1. Chinatown Direct Services’ on 16 and 17 February

SBS Transit will extend the operating hours of Chinatown Direct Services on Friday, 16 February and Saturday, 17 February to operate from 11pm to 2am on the following day.

2. Bus services serving Jurong Industrial Area from 17 to 25 February

As demand for buses serving the Jurong Industrial will be low during the Lunar New Year period, the frequency for seven bus services serving this area (Services 246, 249, 251, 252, 254, 255 and 257) will be reduced during the period Saturday, 17 to Sunday, 25 February.

3. Services not in operations from 18 to 20 February

The following services will not operate during the first three days of the Lunar New Year (Sunday, 18 February to Monday, 20 February) due to low demand:

  • Services 11 and 96
  • Chinatown Direct Services CT 8, CT18 and CT 28
  • Express Services 502 and 518
Operations will resume on Wednesday, 21 February 2007.

Please refer to our website at for details.