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SBS Transit - Press Release
SBS Transit - Press Release

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SBS Transit Launches Free Sms And iPhone Alert Service For Train Disruptions


Given the fast pace of Singapore life, any delay in train services is bound to cause inconvenience.

This is why SBS Transit has launched a new Alert Service for its North East Line (NEL) train disruptions which will provide subscribers with information such as the affected stations, availability of shuttle services, and the resumption of services. The service is available free* of charge to all iPhone users through the iris application push notification, and to all mobile phone users through the SMS alert service. Plans are underway to make the service available to other smartphone users on the Android system as well.

For iPhone users who have downloaded the iris app, an alert will be automatically sent out if there is a train delay or disruption lasting a minimum of 15 minutes. Users need only activate the push notification function on their phone to get the alerts.

To sign up for free SMS alerts, commuters will have to key in "NEL" and send it to 73535 from their mobile phones. Alternatively, they can also log on to our website to register. They will receive an SMS acknowledgement to confirm that their requests have been successfully activated. To unsubscribe to this service anytime, they can send "UNSUB NEL" to 73535.

Mr Gan Juay Kiat, Chief Executive Officer of SBS Transit, said: "Our mission is to always provide our commuters with smooth uninterrupted travel. But, as with all mechanical equipment, breakdowns do sometimes occur. In such instances, our focus will be to get the service back up while making sure all commuters are kept updated with the latest service information. This is why we have launched the free notification in iris app and the SMS alert service."

With a subscriber base of over 666,000, the iris app is one of the most widely used public transport information service in Singapore. Traditionally, it has focussed on providing commuters with bus travel information. Moving forward, it will provide commuters with train travel information as well.

Mr Dillion Chan, who has been taking the NEL to his workplace in the city for the last few years, said the new service would greatly help in his travel planning. The 44-year-old lecturer, who relies on the NEL to get him to work on time from his home in Sengkang to Dhoby Ghaut Station each morning, said: "With this SMS alert service, I can make plans to take alternative transport so that I will not be late for my lessons even when there is a train delay or disruption."

Information and updates on NEL delays or disruptions is also available on SBS Transit's website.


* Does not include any charges levied by Telco providers.

Please note that this service is no longer available from 1 August 2015.