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  Extension of operating hours for train and selected bus services on eve of Hari Raya Puasa
29 June 2016

  Bus stops skipped due to the SHINE Festival 2016
27 June 2016

  Updated Bus Stop Distances
24 June 2016

  Sixteen more Wheelchair-accessible Bus (WAB) services to be launched
21 June 2016

  Change in trip schedule for Service 128
20 June 2016

  Service 30 to skip bus stops due to road closures
20 June 2016

  Bus services affected by road closures for Car-Free Sunday SG
17 June 2016

  SBS Transit Bus Captains to get higher pay, new and enhanced incentives and benefits
1 June 2016

  How does the penalty fee system work?
  WAB services and the accessible bus stops to PIWs.
  How do I use my Ez-link card correctly when travelling on buses?
  Are prams/strollers allowed on board the bus?
  Are foldable bikes allowed on board buses and trains?
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