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WAB services and the accessible bus stops to PIWs.
How do I use my Ez-link card correctly when travelling on buses?
Why does the Bus Captain drive so slowly?
Monthly Concession Stamps
Ez-Link Card

(Bus Concession Only)
(Train Concession Only)
(Bus & Train Concession)
Primary $22.50 $20.00 $42.50
Secondary $27.50 $25.00 $52.50
Tertiary $52.00 $45.00 $97.00
Full-time National Serviceman $61.00 $50.00 $111.00

Please note:
Once a BCP/TCP/HCP is sold, it will be non-refundable and non-transferable. Hence, indicate clearly the correct concession pass you would want to purchase.
Only one of the three concession passes can be encoded onto a concession ez-link card at any one time.
The cardholder must present his/her School Smartcard, Tertiary Student or NSF Ez-link card to purchase the BCP/TCP/HCP.
The Monthly Concession Pass can be bought from any Add Value Machine or Ticket Office.
The BCP/TCP/HCP will be encoded to start from any specified date up to 7 days in advance. It will be valid for use up to the (n-1)th day of the following month when purchase was made on the nth day of the current month.
Do remember to advise the staff of your preferred start date when purchasing the concession pass at the Ticket Office. Otherwise, the default start date will be the day of purchase or the day the existing pass expires.
School Smartcard, Tertiary Student and NSF ez-link card holders will be able to have stored value encoded onto their cards if they prefer not to use any BCP/TCP/HCP.
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