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WAB services and the accessible bus stops to PIWs.
How do I use my Ez-link card correctly when travelling on buses?
Why does the Bus Captain drive so slowly?
Tips for Riding
Guide to using SBS Transit Bus Facilities and Buses
At the interchange and terminal
At the bus stop
Getting on the bus
While on the bus
Getting off the bus

1. At the interchange and terminal
  1.1 Crossing within the bus park is prohibited and liable for a fine of $500. Please use the designated pedestrian crossing.
  1.2 Queue in an orderly manner. Do not jump queue.
  1.3 To avoid obstruction to passageways, follow the guide-lines on the floor when queuing.
  1.4 For your own safety, stand behind the yellow line at boarding berths.
  1.5 Aircon interchanges have sensor-activated doors that will open only when a bus arrives at the Q-head. Do not attempt to force open the doors.
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2. At the bus stop
  2.1 For your own safety, stand on the pavement of the bus stop and behind the yellow line while waiting for the bus.
  2.2 Do not play at or around bus stops as it is dangerous.
  2.3 Avoid last minute flagging of bus.
  2.4 Wait for the bus to stop fully before boarding. To minimise commuter inconvenience, only the first 2 buses in the bus bay will conduct boarding/alighting activities.
  2.5 Do not run after a moving bus.
  2.6 For the comfort of others, do not bring items on board the buses that may offend others, eg durians, pets.
  2.7 Buses are not allowed to perform boarding/alighting activities outside of bus stops. Do not attempt to board or alight from buses at traffic junctions or pedestrian crossings.
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3. Getting on the bus
  3.1 If payment is by cash, have exact fare ready. If payment is by fare card, ensure that there is sufficient value in the card.
  3.2 Queue up and board in an orderly manner.
  3.3 For your own convenience, do not carry big luggage onto the bus.
  3.4 Board the bus in an orderly manner.
  3.5 For your own safety, do not board at the last minute or from the exit doors.
  3.6 Do not board the bus from the exit door.
  3.7 Hold on firmly to the handrails or stanchion poles when boarding the bus/when paying bus fare.
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4. While on the bus
  4.1 If payment is by Bus Concession Pass - Tap your concession card on the card readers, then voluntarily show it to Bus Captain. Remember to tap your card at the exit readers when you alight from the bus. If there are multiple beeps upon tapping at the card readers, please follow the instructions displayed on the readers.
  4.2 If paying by cash, tell the bus captain your fare. You may refer to the fare table at the farebox.
  4.3 For cash payment, retain your ticket for checks by inspectors. When a passenger does not pay the correct fare, he is liable to pay the full fare commencing from the expiry point of the first ticket to the point where he is alighting.
  4.4 If paying by fare card, tap on entry reader and listen for single beep. Tap again if multiple beeps are heard or use the other reader. If multiple beeps are heard again, it could be due to your card having a low remaining stored value. In this instance, please purchase a cash ticket.
  4.5 For your own safety, hold on firmly to the handrails or stanchion poles when standing in the bus.
  4.6 Offer your seat to the elderly, the disabled, those travelling with young children or those in need of a seat.
  4.7 Do not stand on the stairs leading to the upper deck.
  4.8 No standing on the upper deck.
  4.9 Move quickly to your seat or to the rear to allow other passengers to board.
  4.10 Do not smoke, eat, drink or litter in the bus.
  4.11 (For non air-con buses) Help to shut the windows if it rains.
  4.12 Do not stand on the door steps or near the fare card readers.
  4.13 Do not vandalise the bus.
  4.14 Report any unusual incidents to the Bus Captain.
  4.15 If there's a need to change seat, wait for the bus to stop first before doing so.
  4.16 When approached by a traffic inspector, produce your fare card, concession pass or cash ticket for checking.
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5. Getting off the bus
  5.1 Press bell and proceed to exit door in advance to alight.
  5.2 Avoid alighting from the front door, as it will obstruct boarding customers.
  5.3 Check to see if you have left anything behind.
  5.4 If paying by fare card, tap the card only after the door has opened at your alighting stop.
  5.5 Do not attempt to alight at the last minute.
  5.6 Hold on firmly to the handrails or stanchion poles while waiting to alight. Do not use the fare card readers as a support.
  5.7 If you forget to tap your fare card on alighting, for your own safety, do not attempt to re-board from the exit door to tap your card. Proceed to any Transit Link ticketing office to make a claims.
  5.8 If you have left your belongings on board the bus, you may call our Customer Relations Centre at 1-800-287-2727 to make a Lost and Found report.
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Have an enjoyable ride!