School Talks and Learning Journeys

School Talks

School talks are held monthly at primary and secondary schools. The school talks aim to educate the students on graciousness and safety while taking public transport. Quizzes to engage the students are used to reinforce the messages of giving up seats to those who need it, moving to the rear, standing behind the yellow line while waiting for the bus, train or LRT and refraining from playing at train or LRT platforms.

Learning Journeys

SBS Transit offers learning journeys to our bus interchanges, MRT stations, and bus/train depots for students to get a better understanding of our bus and train operations and maintenance.

At our bus interchanges and MRT stations, students, aged five and above, can enjoy a guided tour and learn more about safe and gracious commuting behaviour. 

For students aged 13 and above, we provide learning journeys at our bus and train depots. At the train depot, students will have the opportunity to find out how our trains are maintained and learn more about how our trains operate, as well as the trains’ safety and security features. At our bus depot, students will receive an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at bus operations and maintenance. This includes a visit to our maintenance workshop and a unique opportunity to ride on board a bus as it passes through a bus washing bay.