Life In SBS Transit

A town called Excellence

With numerous quality improvement programmes in implementation, SBS Transit allows individuals to explore limitless possibilities on a seamless journey that’s committed to excellence. Our commitment to keep up with fast-paced changes has brought about several success stories, setting benchmarks for the transport industry.

Empowering our talents

At SBS Transit, our people are empowered to see more, and achieve more! Regarded as the organisation’s greatest asset, the process of attracting, developing and retaining the best talents is of extreme importance and highest priority. As such, staff can expect a stimulating and challenging work environment that inspires them to realise aspirations, and at the same time, develop professionally and grow with the organisation.

Eight Service Standards

SBS Transit reinforces our Eight Service Standards that employees are expected to deliver in the workplace. It specifies the delivery standards of preferred workplace culture that inculcates integrity, fairness and respect for each other.

The Eight Service Standards are:

  • Be Professional, Polite & Pleasant
  • Be Patient & Helpful
  • Keep Learning
  • Be Innovative & Stay Ahead 
  • Be Dependable & Trustworthy
  • Collaborate & Excel
  • Think Safety First
  • Be Vigilant to Security Threats

Health matters at the workplace

SBS Transit is committed to supporting our employees in keeping fit and staying healthy. This is best exemplified by our free annual health screening and coaching, which augments our existing executive health screening provision. In addition to this, we have various sports events throughout the year, such as cross-country run, bowling tournament, step challenge etc, where our employees can exercise and bond with fellow colleagues. We will continue to promote health activities to support our employees in their quest for physical, mental and social well-being.

Growth & Benefits

Our employees are our key assets and their welfare and development are of paramount importance to us. We listen to what they have to say and are committed to equipping them with the required competencies, skills and knowledge to reach their fullest potential. Those who join us can choose to deep dive in specific areas of expertise or move across functions to gain broad exposure. Regardless of which, they can expect to be rewarded for their efforts and contributions to the company. For those who have the potential to take on higher responsibilities, we are prepared to support their development and nurture their growth.

We offer a competitive remuneration package that is commensurate with qualification and experience, including annual wage supplement and performance bonus. We also provide comprehensive benefits to ensure that our employees are taken care of in the areas of leave and medical provisions, support for family cohesion, flexible benefits, free travel, among others. They are meant to support work-life integration so that our employees can grow professionally and at the personal level.