What Commuters Say

During morning peak hour on 13 August 2019, a lady fainted on the MRT train along the Downtown Line. Passengers pressed the emergency button to inform the staff. While passengers were busy attending to the lady, 3 station staff appeared at the train door at the next station (at Stevens) to check on the situation and take her off the train. However, she chose to continue on her journey.

Another staff accompanied her on the train till she alighted 7 stops later. He also arranged for a staff member to receive her at the station when she alighted.

I would like to commend SBS Transit on their impressive response time, attention to detail and having clear proceses in place to deal with emergencies. Their dedication to their work is much appreciated.

Rebecca Chua

I was travelling towards Chinatown from Newton yesterday when I boarded the train, Chu Tue Fok who was on duty struck up a conversation with me and I am very very impressed at how proud he feels about his job. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Chu for the very engaging and heartwarming conversations we had and he made me realise how proud I actually am of my country.

I also observed that he is very meticulous in observing the need of various commuters such as the elderly passengers and in the short time I was observing him, he actually made sure a pregnant passenger had a seat!

Many respect for that very small action with big thoughts behind that. His passion and work attitude is just commendable. I work for Singapore airlines and his service delivery is just very respectable.


Gerald Chen

There was an elderly man who boarded the bus without a shirt. Bus Captain Lum was very concerned and went up to the elderly man to ask if he was feeling cold. He then offered his own jacket to the elderly passenger, helping him to put his hands through the sleeves. Bus Captain Lum’s actions touched me and he should be complimented for his act of kindness.

Mr Jommy

Bag retrieved, thanks to bus supervisor

I went to Ngee Ann Polytechnic on SBS Transit service 151.

When I alighted, I left behind a plastic bag containing my books and my lunch bag.

I then decided to board another bus and was fortunate to meet senior bus captain/supervisor Koh Tong Seyong, who listened to my predicament and gave me the phone number for the Hougang depot.

Someone answered on the first ring and assured me that my bag was safe at the depot, and I went down to retrieve it.

My special thanks to Mr Koh for helping to bring about this happy state of affairs.

Raju M. Iyer

Upon reaching the Singapore customs, the Bus Captain noticed that I was sick and asked for me to remain seated. He took the trouble to alert the ICA officers and managed to get special permission for me to cross the customs on board the bus so that I did not have to walk. He is one of the nicest Bus Captains I have ever met!

Ms Grace Chong

I was very puzzled when I saw the Bus Captain Sye Kheng rushing out of the bus that he was driving, holding a bag in his hand. Soon, it became clear that he was chasing after a commuter who had accidentally left behind her bag after she alighted from the bus. He made a world of difference to the day of the lady commuter with his act of kindness!

Mr Ho Jun Yi