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NEL system map of station closures in Phases 1 and 2

To facilitate a series of renewal and intensified maintenance works on the North East Line’s (NEL) railway systems, selected stations on the NEL will close earlier at about 11.00pm on the first four Fridays and Saturdays in November 2019. Details are as follow:

Phase 4 (2019)
Dates Stations
1 & 2 November NE13 Kovan to NE17 Punggol
8 & 9 November
15 & 16 November
22 & 23 November

Phase 4: Station Closures

Phase 4: Last Train Timings

As the timings of the last trains departing each station during the planned closures will vary, commuters are advised to check for station-specific timings at affected MRT stations to plan their journeys ahead.

Phase 4 Last train timings:
Towards NE1 HarbourFront
Phase 4 Last train timings: 
Towards NE17 Punggol & NE 12 Serangoon

Phase 4: Extended operational hours of Sengkang and Punggol LRT services

To maintain connectivity for commuters in Sengkang and Punggol, train services on the Light Rail Transit (LRT) systems will be extended to 1.10am and 1.15am respectively on the affected Fridays and Saturdays in Phase 4.

Phase 4: Bi-directional Train shuttle service frequency

Trains on the NEL between NE12 Serangoon and NE1 HarbourFront stations will operate bi-directional shuttle services. Trains from NE1 HarbourFront that are headed towards NE12 Serangoon Station will use a single track between Woodleigh and Serangoon stations to turn around. This arrangement will result in a longer frequency of up to nine minutes, instead of the usual six minutes.

Phase 4: Shuttle Bus 21 First/Last Bus Timings & Boarding/Alighting Points

With the planned early closure of these stations, commuters have alternative travel options - taking dedicated shuttle buses. The shuttle buses will serve the closed stations and call at designated bus stops /interchanges for passenger boarding and alighting. Fares for the shuttle services will follow the same fare structure as the trains.

Commuters should also cater for additional travel time when travelling between MRT stations using the shuttle bus services

Shuttle 21: First/Last Bus Timings & Boarding/Alighting Points

Phase 4: Bus Services at bus stops / interchanges outside closed stations

For details of bus routes that are not provided here, please visit

NE12 Serangoon Station
Location Services Towards Last Bus Timing
Serangoon Bus Interchange 100 Ghim Moh 11.45pm
101 Buangkok Link (Loop) 12.00am
103 Yishun Friday: 12.15am
Saturday: 12.00am
105 Jurong East 12.00am
109 Changi Village 11.30pm
158 Rhu Cross (Loop) 11.30pm
315 Serangoon North Avenue 5 (Loop) 12.50am
317 Berwick Drive (Loop) 12.50am
Serangoon Station Exit A / Bus Stop 62139 45 Ang Mo Kio Depot 12.10am
58 Bishan Friday: 12.42am
Saturday: 12.43am
107M Temasek Avenue (Loop) Friday: 11.31pm
Saturday: 11.32pm
147 Clementi 11.55pm
153 Bukit Merah Friday: 12.00am
Saturday: 11.58pm
158 Serangoon Friday: 12.45am
Saturday: 12.44am
853 Lor 1 Geylang 12.08am

NE13 Kovan Station
Location Services Towards Last Bus Timing
Kovan Station Exit B / Bus Stop 63031 80 Sengkang Friday: 1.24am
Saturday: 1.19am
81 Tampines 12.37am
82 Punggol Friday: 1.03am
Saturday : 1.00am
101 Buangkok Link (Loop) 12.09am
107M Hougang Central Friday: 12.39am
Saturday: 12.41am
112 Hougang Street 92 (Loop) Friday: 12.46am
Saturday: 24.48am
113 Hougang Central Friday: 12.43am
Saturday: 12.50am
136 Punggol 11.58pm
153 Hougang Central Friday: 12.46am
Saturday: 12.49am
Kovan Station Exit C / Bus Stop 63039 80 HarbourFront Friday: 11.52pm
Saturday: 11.54pm
81 Serangoon Central (Loop) Friday: 12.11am
Saturday: 12.10am
82 Serangoon Central (Loop) Friday: 12.51am
Saturday: 12.49am
101 Serangoon Friday: 12.51am
Saturday: 12.53am
107M Temasek Avenue (Loop) 11.26pm
112 Hougang Central Friday: 12.41am
Saturday: 12.42am
113 Hougang Street 11 (Loop) Friday: 12.24am
Saturday: 12.29am
119 Hougang Street 21 (Loop) Friday: 11.59pm
Saturday: 11.58pm
136 Ang Mo Kio Friday: 12.11am
Saturday: 12.14am
153 Bukit Merah Friday: 11.54pm
Saturday: 11.52pm

NE14 Hougang Station
Location Services Towards Last Bus Timing
Hougang Central Bus Interchange 27 Changi Airport 11.50pm
51 Jurong East 11.30pm
74 Buona Vista 11.30pm
89 Airfreight Terminal Building (Loop) 11.00pm
102 Seletar Airport (Loop) 11.30pm
107M Temasek Avenue (Loop) 11.15pm
112 Hougang Street 92 (Loop) 12.00am
112A Terminates at Kovan Stn Exit B 12.30am
113 Hougang Street 11 (Loop) 12.10am
116 Serangoon Central (Loop) 11.30pm
132 Bukit Merah 11.30pm
147 Clementi 11.30pm
151 Kent Ridge 11.00pm
153 Bukit Merah 11.45pm
161 Woodlands 11.30pm
165 Clementi 11.20pm
324 Upper Serangoon View (Loop) 12.30am
325 Hougang Street 91 (Loop) Extended: 12.50am
329 Buangkok Crescent (Loop) 12.30am

NE15 Buangkok Station
Location Services Towards Last Bus Timing
Buangkok Station Exit A / Bus Stop 67609 27 Changi Airport Friday: 11.58pm
Saturday: 11.59pm
43/43M Punggol Friday: 12.45am
Saturday: 12.50am
102 Seletar Airport (Loop) 11.43pm
Buangkok Station Exit B / Bus Stop 67601 27 Hougang Central Friday: 1.32am
Saturday: 1.30am
43 Upper East Coast Friday: 11.59pm
Saturday: 11.54pm
43M Serangoon Central (Loop) 11.20pm
102 Hougang Central Friday: 12.33am
Saturday: 12.32am

NE16 Sengkang Station
Location Services Towards Last Bus Timing
Sengkang Bus Interchange 80 HarbourFront 11.30pm
83 Punggol 12.30pm
86 Ang Mo Kio 11.30pm
87 Bedok 11.30pm
156 Clementi 11.30pm
159 Toa Payoh 11.45pm
163 Toa Payoh 11.30pm
163M Sengkang West Avenue (Loop) 12.35am
371 Rivervale Crescent (Loop) 12.35am
372 Punggol Road (Loop) 12.35am
965 Woodlands 11.30pm

NE17 Punggol Station
Location Services Towards Last Bus Timing
Punggol Temp Bus Interchange 3 Tampines 12.36am
34 Changi Airport 11.45pm
43 Upper East Coast 11.45pm
43M Serangoon Central (Loop) 11.05pm
50 Bishan 11.45pm
62 Lor 1 Geylang (Loop) 11.50pm
82 Serangoon Central (Loop) 12.30am
83 Sengkang Extended: 1.30am
84 Punggol Road (End) (Loop) 12.35am
85 Yishun 11.30pm
117 Sembawang 11.30pm
118 Changi Business Park 11.30pm
119 Hougang Street 21 (Loop) 11.30pm
136 Ang Mo Kio 11.45pm
381 Punggol East (Loop) 12.35am
382 Sumang Link (Loop) Extended: 1.30am
386 Punggol East (Loop) Extended: 1.30am

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