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SBS Transit - About Us
SBS Transit - About Us

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As the leading public transport operator in Singapore, SBS Transit has a special duty to be a socially responsible company.

Green Efforts National Campaigns
Nurturing our
Younger Generation
Fund Raising & Donations    

Green Efforts

SBS Transit embarks on the first hybrid bus trials
In July 2010, SBS Transit embarked on the first hybrid bus trials. The hybrid bus, which runs on both diesel and electricity, was brought in by ComfortDelGro Engineering in collaboration with Shanghai Sunlong Bus Company and Gemilang Coachworks of Malaysia.

Fuel savings of up to 30% are derived by using electricity to power the bus. Essentially, electricity is generated through brake energy and stored in Lithium-ion batteries. The energy in the batteries is released to assist the engine in powering the vehicle. As a result, fuel consumption drops.

The bus uses a parallel hybrid system where a motor/generator is used to convert the electrical energy into mechanical energy and vice versa.

SBS Transit invests $147 million in new buses – Asia' s most environmentally friendly
SBS Transit invested $147 million in September 2008 to buy 400 new Euro V Scania buses. These buses hold the distinction as Asia's first European Enhanced Environmentallyfriendly Vehicles (EEV). The Euro V EEV buses deliver better emission performance than standard Euro V models.

For instance, the emission of unburnt hydrocarbons, which produce ozone that irritates the eyes and lungs and cause breathing difficulties, is effectively reduced by some 46% or from 0.46g/kWh to 0.25g/kWh when compared to traditional Euro IV and V engines.

SBS Transit launches new single-deck buses, scores 3 many firsts
The 500 single-deck Scania buses which started running the roads in November 2007, boast environmentally friendly Euro IV engines which emit fewer harmful particulates into the atmosphere.

In addition, exhaust gas re-circulation technology is employed to cleanse the fumes that are emitted. The buses are also made with special high tensile, lightweight material, and equipped with sixspeed ZF automatic transmission to improve fuel efficiency.

CNG Pilot Project Launch
In April 2002, SBS Transit partnered with The Ministry of the Environment (ENV) and SembCorp Gas Pte Ltd (SembGas) in exploring the use of environmentally cleaner CNG vehicles in Singapore.

SBS Transit operated a fleet of 12 CNG buses for the pilot project. These buses produce even less emission than stipulated in the stringent Euro-3 emission standard hence substantially reducing harmful emission.

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National Campaigns

Graciousness Campaign
The Public Transport Council, in partnership with the Land Transport Authority, public transport operators and the Singapore Kindness Movement, strives to promote gracious behaviour on our buses and trains, in line with our aim to be a more gracious society.

SBS Transit supported the 4 campaign by displaying posters and large format stickers at MRT stations, bus interchanges, bus-stops, in trains and in buses. Campaign music videos were also played at MRT stations and bus interchanges.

The slogan for this year's programme is "Love Your Ride" or "有爱心, 多开心"* with the Dim Sum Dollies as the ambassadors.

The slogan for 2009's programme is "A Happy Journey Starts Like That!" with the Phua Chu Kang family as the ambassadors.

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Nurturing our younger generation

Molly, The Mobile Library Bus
In 2008, SBS Transit sponsored a bus to National Library Board for the purpose of transforming it into a prototype mobile library service that would bring the library experience to the underserved to encourage them to become active users of the public libraries.

I Love Children (ILC) Bus
The I Love Children Bus is a one-stop roving resource centre that provides expert advice and useful tips on a variety of parenthood-related matters, from planning for a baby, fertility and pregnancy to child-raising and building couple and parent-child relationships.

This cheery orange double deck, with its interior fitted with furniture and furnishings, is the first of its kind here. The lower deck has been decorated as a baby’s room, while the top deck houses a resource library with books, films and many other resources on parenthood and related topics. It also has a multi-purpose area that snugly seats 20 persons with audio-visual equipment to be used for expert talks and film screenings.

From now until February next year, the I Love Children bus will make stops at 36 locations islandwide.

School Talks
An average of 20 school talks are being held monthly at primary and secondary schools. The school talks aim to educate the students on graciousness and safety while taking public transport. Quizzes to engage the students are used to reinforce the messages of giving up seats to those who need it, moving to the rear, standing behind yellow line while waiting for the bus, train or LRT and refraining from playing at train or LRT platforms.

SBS Transit sponsored a bus for the National Heritage Board’s project called the “Heritage-on-the-Move”. The bus was refurbished into a mobile classroom and made rounds to schools and community centres in 2003. The classroom-on-wheels allowed school children to board the bus to view interactive exhibits, animations and big storybooks, making history lessons come alive.

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Commuters Engagement

Thank you Commuters Day
SBS Transit is appreciative of the support that our commuters have been giving us all these years. Besides rolling out new bus services and enhancing our operations to better serve the commuters, we also thank our commuters through our yearly “Thank You Commuters Day” event.

  In 2005, our senior management donned Santa Claus suits to give away chocolates to our commuters at selected bus interchanges and the NEL.

Familiarisation Tours
SBS Transit organised tours for the community from the nearby neighbourhoods before the North East Line (NEL), Sengkang LRT and Punggol LRT started operations.

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Fund Raising & Donations

SBS Transit Raises Funds for Needy Children
Senior management staff and Ngee Ann Polytechnic students took to the backbreaking task of sweeping and mopping the interior of single and double deck buses, all for the sake of raising funds for needy children. In all, 65 buses were cleaned and $3,000 was raised for charity.

$2.5m Raised from Heart Bus  

The Heart Bus project has raised about $2.5 million for the less fortunate including beneficiaries like Rainbow Centre, Pathlight School and Community Chest. On behalf of the beneficiaries, SBS Transit extends a big Thank You to all donors for their kind donations.

To date, the Heart Bus project has raised about $2.5 million for the less fortunate including beneficiaries like Rainbow Centre, Pathlight School and Community Chest. On behalf of the beneficiaries, SBS Transit extends a big Thank You to all donors for their kind donations.

Heart Bus 2002

Heart Bus 2003

Heart Bus 2004
Heart Bus 2005
Heart Bus 2006

The Wishing Tree
SBS Transit organised The Wishing Tree project to help raise funds for the Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund in 2002. Commuters were asked to help decorate the Wishing Tree at 15 bus interchanges by buying Wishing Cards that allowed them to make wishes. The project raised $35,000.

$3.45m Relief Package for Public Transport Fund  
In 2003, when Singaporeans were experiencing difficult economic conditions caused by the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), we donated $1 million to the Public Transport Fund that was initiated by the National Trades Union Congress and the Community Development Councils to help needy families cope with transport costs.

In 2005, we donated another $1.15 million to help the needy cope with the fare revision. We also introduced other measures to help mitigate the fare revision:
  • Extension of concessionary hours for senior citizens to start from 9am on weekdays and to last the whole day on Saturdays and Sundays
  • Child and student fares were kept unchanged
  • Continue to keep the maximum fare cap for any single trip on our bus network at $1.90

In all, the relief package for the fare revision in 2005 cost us $3.45 million.

Fare Collection from NEL
In our bid to do something for the residents living along the north-east corridor, SBS Transit donated the first Sunday's fare collection on the North East Line (NEL) to the 24 Citizens’ Consultative Committees (CCC) along NEL. A total of $165,000 was collected and distributed equally to the CCCs to help them fund community events for their residents.

Another $58,000 of fare revenue was collected from the first Sunday's that the Sengkang LRT and Punggol LRT started operation. The sum of money was donated to Sengkang Town Centre Community Club, Punggol Citizen’s Community Club and Anchorvale Community Club.

“Hold On!” Safety Campaign
SBS Transit launched a "Hold On!" campaign in September 2014 as a reminder to our commuters to hold onto grab poles, stanchion poles and hand grips while on board buses. Close to 600 entries from about 80 primary schools were received for our art competition themed “Hold On” where students were invited to submit their drawings on safety in the bus. Commuters were then invited to vote for their favourite entry from the 17 entries that were shortlisted and displayed at our bus interchanges. Posters of the winning entry were subsequently displayed on board all our buses. More than 10,000 shopping bags were also produced and distributed with this safety message to our commuters.

SBS Transit CEO, Mr Gan Juay Kiat said: "We have a simple yet important message we need to share with our commuters and we felt it would be great to engage the children to help in this. By getting them involved, we hope that they too can be ambassadors and that they can spread the message that a simple act like holding on to the stanchion pole can really make a difference."

The First Prize winner, Ms Tan Hui Xin, with Mrs Josephine Teo, Senior Minister of State for Finance and Transport and SBS Transit CEO, Mr Gan Juay Kiat.

First Prize winner, Tan Hui Xin, Xingnan Primary School