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The North East Line (NEL) is a driverless system, what safety measures are in place if I am caught in between the doors or when there is an emergency?
Many measures have been put in place to ensure that NEL’s safety and security. Apart from decals and announcements to remind passengers to mind the gap between the train and the platform, NEL is equipped with a signalling system which checks that all train doors are closed before the train can depart the station. If the train door detects any obstruction, it will reopen to enable passengers to remove the obstruction. If the obstruction has not been removed, all the train doors will re-open and the train will not depart.

In the meantime, the signalling system will send a door obstruction alarm to our control centre and staff at the station will be alerted to investigate the cause of the obstruction and render assistance. Our NEL station platforms are also equipped with Emergency Train Stop buttons which passengers can activate during emergency. Passengers can also make use of the red Emergency Telephones at the platform to alert our staff at the Passenger Service Centre.

We also have roving Customer Service Officers patrolling in all the trains. They monitor the boarding process, provide assistance to passengers on board as well as look out for suspicious articles. All our trains are installed with CCTV cameras. There are 14 CCTV cameras in each train, with two internal CCTV cameras at each carriage and one external CCTV camera at each end of the train. The CCTV cameras will allow our staff at the Operations Control Centre (OCC) to monitor what is happening in the trains and to respond to situations. They have been trained to make public announcements when required.

Our safety video that is played frequently in our trains show what passengers can do in an emergency evacuation. Passengers can also open the emergency doors by following the simple graphics and instructions on the doors at both ends of each train. Directional signs in the tunnel will be lighted to guide the passengers on the direction to evacuate.

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What should I do if I see a suspicious article in the train or the station (or in the bus and at interchange)?
If passengers see any suspicious article, they should inform our staff immediately or call the police at 999.

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Are foldable bicycles and Personal Mobility Devices (PMD) allowed on board buses and trains?

Yes, commuters can bring their foldable bicycles and personal mobility devices (PMDs) on board our trains and buses all day! For a safe and pleasant travel experience, please observe these guidelines:

  • Size limit of 120cm by 70 cm by 40cm
  • Only one foldable bicycle/PMD allowed on a bus
  • Keep your device folded at all times
  • Switch off your device
  • Cover dirty wheels and protruding parts
  • Hold device securely at all times
  • Wait for next bus/train if crowded

Please click here for general guidelines.

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Do you have nursing rooms in your Bus Interchanges/MRT Stations where I can breastfeed my baby?

We support breastfeeding mothers and our staff will provide assistance by exercising our CARES service.

Nursing rooms are available at these bus interchanges where it may be more comfortable for both the mother and child:

  • Compassvale
  • Joo Koon
  • Tampines
  • Tampines Concourse and
  • Changi Business Park.

Nursing mothers may approach our staff if they require any assistance.

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