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WAB services and the accessible bus stops to PIWs.
How do I use my Ez-link card correctly when travelling on buses?
Why does the Bus Captain drive so slowly?

Useful Links
  1. Land Transport Authority

    The Land Transport Authority (LTA) is a statutory board under the Ministry of Transport, that spearheads land transport developments in Singapore.

    LTA plans the long-term transport needs of Singapore, taking care of those who drive as well as those who take public transport. The ultimate goal - a smooth and seamless journey for all.
  2. Public Transport Council

    The Public Transport Council (PTC) is an independent body that regulates bus services, bus service operators, ticket payment services, and bus and rapid transit system fares.

    The PTC works closely with players in the public transport industry and in partnership with other public agencies including the Land Transport Authority (LTA), to bring about quality basic bus services and an affordable public transport system.
  3. TransitLink

    TransitLink is a service company under LTA to develop a fully integrated public transport system. TransitLink also partners with card managers such as EZ-Link and NETS in managing existing and new public transport operators to accept stored value cards as a means of payment for bus and train fares.
  4. Distance Fares Calculator

    You can use this tool to calculate your public transport journey fares under Distance Fares which took effect on 3 July 2010.

  5. Public Transport Security

    This website is targeted at upper primary and lower secondary school students and hopes to educate them on public transport security.

    Students can learn more on how to look out for potential terrorist threats and what to do in such situations.