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The SBS Transit app, previously known as iris, provides travel information to enhance commuters' travel experience on SBS Transit's public buses and trains.

The SBS Transit app not only offers bus arrival timings on a real time basis, it also provides a host of helpful information such as details of the bus routes, bus services that are delayed or diverted and scheduled changes in bus operating hours.

Users can also obtain the first and last train operating hours, planned changes in train service hours as well as alerts if train services are delayed or disrupted.


SBS Transit app
Want to find out when the next bus is arriving at your bus stop? Need help to plan your bus travel and avoid unnecessary wait at the bus stops? The NextBus allows you to do just that.

for bus stops
Find out estimated arrival times for the next bus and subsequent bus by selecting the desired service number, travel direction and bus stop or simply the bus stop number

for interchanges

Find out estimated departure times for the next bus and subsequent at bus at interchanges and terminals (those with boarding activities).


Journey Planner
Want to find out what is the best way to get to your destination? Need help navigating through the bus, NEL and LRT systems? The tools in this section will help you get to where you want to go.
Plan My Route
Find out how to get to your destination by bus or train based on the shortest walking distance or travelling time.

Plan By...
Need help using the Journey Planner? /download/JP_Plan_My_Route.pdf
Bus Guide
Find out what bus services are available at your selected bus stops and their routings.

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NEL / DTL Guide
Find out more about train fares, average travel times, and first / last train schedules.

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Smartphone users can now download iPhone app or Android app. To find out how to access Next Bus and Journey Planner on your mobile devices, please click on the SBS Transit app below:
Blackberry / Android / iPhone SBS Transit app