What is bus stop no. ?
Every bus stop in Singapore has a unique 5-digit number. The next time you are at the bus stop, look up and spot the number at the top of the bus stop pole.

For majority of the bus stops, these numbers end with '1' or '9'. The last digit is used to differentiate the direction of the services. If it ends with '1' for a service travelling from A to B, the pairing of this bus stop across the road for direction B to A will have a bus stop number ending with '9'.

Eg. The bus stop number for the bus stop outside ComfortDelGro along Braddell Road is 52069, while the opposite stop is 52061. Hence, every pair of bus stops will have 4 same digit and a 1 or 9 as the last digit to differentiate the direction of the service.

Some bus stop numbers end with 'A' or 'Z', which is equivalent to '1' and '9' respectively. Hence, when querying the arrival time of services calling at these bus stops, the numeric bus stop number has to be used. Eg. When querying the arrival time of Service 161 at bus stop 4663A, 46631 should be entered as the bus stop number.

However, as we are required to stagger the bus stops for some services along certain congested roads such as Orchard Road, end digits '2', '3', '7' and '8' are used to identify staggered stops and the direction of the service. '2' and '3' are used for bus stops that are staggered in one direction while '7' and '8' are used for staggered bus stops in the other direction.

Eg. The bus stop number for Tang Plaza is 09047, while that for Lucky Plaza is 09048.

Besides bus stop number, you would also notice that every bus stop has a bus stop name. This is listed together with the bus stop number when you are selecting a bus stop to query for next bus arrival time.