NE1 - HarbourFront   NE3 - Outram Park

Enigmatic Appearances by Ian Woo
Abstract images on blue vitreous enamel panels evoke a sense of open seas and ocean-bound vessels. This maritime theme is depicted through clean, uncluttered line drawings of nature, water and symbols of the marine industry rendered in the artist's fluid, minimalist style. A pair of footprints located at platform level adds a gentle touch of humour to the southernmost station of the North East Line.

NE4 - Chinatown

The Phoenix's-Eye Domain by Tan Swie Hian
This outstanding collection of artworks comprises a resplendent wall mural depicting the arrival of Singapore's early Chinese immigrants and three sets of rhyming couplets in semi-cursive Chinese calligraphy. The richly coloured mural, featuring the mythical phoenix is located at concourse level while the poems are rendered as floor calligraphy at concourse and platform level.
Memories by
Wang Lu Sheng

The pageantry of Chinese
opera and the symbols of law
and medicine come together
in this vibrant artwork that
exults in Outram Park's unique heritage. Bold, graphic and deliberately large, the works respond to the size and scale
of the interchange station. Mounted on vitreous enamel panels, they serve as colourful visual signposts for the
station's different entrances.
The Commuters by
Teo Eng Seng
One of the most thought provoking artworks on the
North East Line, these rich and varied wall reliefs of people in motion reflect the thoughts
and inner-most feelings of commuters. These images
seem to emerge from the wall
and disappear into it, inviting commuters to pause and contemplate their meaning.
The work was originally
fashioned in clay by the artist before being transferred onto concrete wall panels.