Changes In Operational Hours For Train And Selected Bus Services On Chinese New Year’s Eve

SBS Transit will be extending the operational hours of the North East Line (NEL) and the Downtown Line (DTL) as well as 22 selected bus services on Chinese New Year’s Eve, 24 January 2020. It will also be making changes to the evening schedules of 16 bus services operating from the city/ business district to the heartlands.


Train Services

On Friday, 24 January 2020, train services on the North East Line (NEL) and the Downtown Line (DTL) will be extended by about two hours.

The last train on the NEL headed towards Punggol will depart HarbourFront Station at 1.55am, while the last train towards HarbourFront will leave Punggol Station at 1.33am. On the DTL, the last train towards Expo will depart Bukit Panjang Station at 1.32am, while the last train towards Bukit Panjang will leave Expo Station at 1.30am.

The Sengkang/Punggol LRT systems will also run until after the last NEL train arrives at their respective Town Centre Stations. 

Bus Services

To complement the extension of train operational hours, the last bus timings of 22 selected bus services – 60A, 63M, 181, 222, 225G, 228, 229, 232, 238, 240, 241, 243G, 261, 269, 291, 292, 293, 315, 325, 410W, 804 and 812 – will also run later at their respective bus interchanges during the same period.


Sixteen services – 10e, 14e, 30e, 74e, 89e, 128, 151e, 174e, 196e, 513, 654, 655, 660, 671, 672 and 850E – will not be operating weekday evening trips from the Central Business District on Chinese New Year’s Eve, 24 January 2020. Since offices will be closed earlier that day, these services will instead operate return trips in the afternoon, between 12.51pm and 2.00pm. There is no change to the operating hours of these services for the morning trips.

Please refer to the attached posters for details.