Changes to schedules of 18 bus services on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve

On Christmas eve, 24 December 2021, and New Year’s eve, 31 December 2021, the schedules of 18 SBS Transit bus services - Services 10e, 14e, 30e, 74e, 89e, 151e, 174e, 196e, 513, 652, 654, 655, 660, 667, 668, 671, 672 and 850E - will be changed to cater to the travel needs of commuters heading home in the early afternoon as offices will be closed earlier.

These services operate morning trips from the various heartlands to the City/Business District and in the evenings, they run in the opposite direction. On these two days, they will operate as usual for their morning trips while the return trips will run between 12.51pm and 2.00pm.

Please refer to the attached poster for more information.