Extended engineering hours this weekend on Sengkang LRT System

SBS Transit will conduct maintenance works on the Sengkang Light Rail Transit (LRT) system during passenger service hours this weekend – 22 and 23 January 2022. The Light Rail Vehicles (LRVs) will operate on one loop and provide LRT services to all stations. 

From the Sengkang Town Centre Station, the LRVs serving the Sengkang East Loop will travel in the direction of Compassvale (SE1) while those serving the Sengkang West Loop will head towards Cheng Lim (SW1). The LRVs will not travel in the opposite direction which will be closed for engineering works.      

During this time, works will be conducted on the concrete plinths, which are elevated slabs for the wheels of the LRVs to run on. Maintenance works are necessary to ensure smooth and comfortable travel for passengers, and continued reliability of the LRT services. This is because the finger-joints of the concrete plinths deteriorate over time due to the constant movements of the LRVs running over them.      

The maintenance works will involve hacking the ends of the concrete plinths, reinstalling reinforcement bars and repositioning the finger-joints before cementing them into place. These hacking works are performed during the day to allow sufficient time for the concrete to cure. Temporary sound barriers will be put up to reduce noise inconvenience to residents. 

Customer Service Officers will be deployed to the LRT stations to offer assistance to passengers. Publicity posters and announcements in the stations as well as alerts on SBS Transit’s social media pages will be put up to keep commuters informed of the maintenance works to be carried out. 

Please refer to the attached poster for details.