SBS Transit and Anywheel Ink Partnership to Enhance First and Last Mile Connectivity

Joint News Release Issued by SBS Transit and Anywheel 

Upon alighting from his bus, Paul, a 28-year-old typical office worker, hops onto a shared bicycle to get home after work. Sometimes, there are no bicycles available at his bus stop and he must wait or go in search of one, which causes anxieties and delays for him to get home. The good news for Paul is that starting from today, he can reserve a bicycle while on his way back and be certain that his journey back home is predictable – no more delays for family dinners or to catch his favourite television programme!  

With the collaboration between SBS Transit and Anywheel, Singapore’s largest bicycle-sharing platform, commuters now have the convenience to exclusively book a bicycle at or near the bus stops in advance by up to 30 minutes on the SBS Transit mobile app. Improving first and last mile connectivity on public transport, it aims to provide commuters with greater flexibility and reliability to plan their journeys with confidence. 

Mr Jeffrey Sim, Group Chief Executive Officer of SBS Transit, said: "SBS Transit is fully committed to forging collaborative partnerships to enable seamless first- and last-mile connectivity for our commuters. This not only promotes the use of public transport which reduces carbon emissions, it also supports the Singapore Green Plan 2030. We are hence thrilled to formalise our partnership with Anywheel today through an MoU; marking a big stride towards a more sustainable future with our passengers enjoying the benefits of better accessibility, convenience and environmentally friendly travel choices.”  

Mr Htay Aung, Chief Executive Officer of Anywheel, said: “This partnership with SBS Transit marks a significant milestone in Anywheel’s ongoing efforts to play our part in enhancing public transport connectivity in Singapore. We hope our initiatives encourage and provide more options for Singapore residents to commute in a greener and healthier way.” 

Commuters can also find out the number of Anywheel bicycles at bicycle parking stations in their nearby vicinity – a feature that is available on the SBS Transit app since March 2023.  

To mark the collaboration, a series of celebratory giveaways have been lined up for commuters who use Anywheel bicycles for their first-mile or last-mile connection as part of their commute on SBS Transit buses and MRT trains. For a start, this will be on bus services 16/16M, 57, 123/123M, 145, 195 and 400, and will progressively be extended to more bus services. 

Every month for the next 12 months, commuters, who travel during off-peak periods on weekdays and on weekends and public holidays, will stand a chance to win one of 25 prizes valued at $100.00 which include items such as a 90-day bicycle pass, sunglasses and shopping vouchers.  

MRT passengers, on the other hand, will enjoy free Anywheel bicycle trips for six months from today until end-December 2024 when they start or end their bicycle rides at the Downtown Line Tampines East or Tampines West MRT stations.  

Annex: Details of the Anywheel Bicycle Reservation Function