SBS Transit and Defence Collective Singapore Join Forces to Launch Singapore's First Navy Museum Themed Station at Expo MRT Station

Joint News Release Issued by SBS Transit and Defence Collective Singapore

SBS Transit and Defence Collective Singapore (DCS) have joined forces to launch an innovative showcase that enriches passengers' journeys by integrating Singapore's defence story with the public transport network, thus providing them with a unique and immersive experience while on the move. 

This joint initiative between SBS Transit and DCS marks a significant step in support of the Land Transport Authority's Land Transport Master Plan 2040 to develop vibrant community spaces and enhance the public transport journey while sharing our nation’s defence story. Themed 'Our Defence Story on the Move,' this year-long showcase transforms (DT35) Expo MRT Station into a first-of-its-kind navy museum themed environment across three stories, featuring captivating displays such as a physical 3D submarine model, naval-themed sceneries, and augmented reality (AR) elements activated by QR codes placed around the station. This sets the stage for an interactive pre-museum experience, sparking curiosity about Singapore's maritime heritage and offering passengers a glimpse into the Singapore Navy Museum (SNM). 

Mr Jeffrey Sim, Group CEO of SBS Transit said: "The peace and stability that we enjoy in Singapore should never be taken for granted. This is why we find this partnership to be a meaningful one which not only engages and entertains our passengers while on the move, but also aims to spark conversations about our defence story. By fostering a greater understanding and appreciation of the efforts taken in safeguarding our homeland, we hope to encourage Singaporeans to play their part in total defence. For us at SBS Transit, public transport is more than just being a people mover. We see ourselves as moving with the nation to engender pride in who we are and what we have achieved."

The collaboration between SBS Transit and DCS was formalised with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on 15 March 2024, marking a significant milestone in both organisations' shared dedication to delivering a unique and educational travelling experience for the public. Expo MRT Station's proximity to SNM reinforces the commitment of this collaboration to making the maritime defence story accessible to the public. 

Mr Joseph Tan, Chief Executive Officer of DCS said: “Championing our defence story is at the heart of Defence Collective Singapore's mission. This collaboration with SBS Transit taps on unconventional ways of storytelling. It offers an immersive journey that invites the public to catch a glimpse of the Singapore Navy Museum and explore our defence narrative on the move through the launch of the navy museum themed showcase at Expo MRT Station.’ 

Aligned with the theme of SNM, encapsulated in the tagline "A Maritime Force for a Maritime Nation," this showcase invites the public to discover Singapore's defence story on the move. Beyond the showcase, the collaboration aims to champion the defence story through a multifaceted approach, including the introduction of a defence-themed trail traversing SBS Transit's MRT stations and bus interchanges, fostering curiosity and a deeper connection with the nation's defence legacy. 

To extend the immersive experience beyond the showcase at DT35 Expo Station, Defence Collective Singapore invites the public to embark on a weekend journey via a shuttle bus from the Station to the Singapore Navy Museum for a fun and educational weekend trip!