SBS Transit Wins Tender to Operate the Bukit Merah Bus Package for the Second Time

SBS Transit has been awarded the Bukit Merah Bus Package for a second consecutive term and this marks the third bus tender award it has won under the new Bus Contracting Model. 

The award of this five-year contract, which can be extended by between two and five years, comprises 17 bus services including two cross-border services to Johor Bahru. The services, supported by the Ulu Pandan Bus Depot, will continue to originate from two bus interchanges – Bukit Merah and HarbourFront – and four bus terminals - Kampong Bahru, Marina Centre, Queen Street and Shenton Way.

In 2018, SBS Transit was awarded a five-year contract to operate the Bukit Merah Bus Package and this new contract will commence immediately upon the expiry of the current one in April 2024 following a six-month extension.

SBS Transit Group Chief Executive Officer, Mr Jeffrey Sim, said: “To be awarded the contract for a second consecutive term underscores the vote of confidence and trust that the LTA has placed on us. We are extremely encouraged by this, particularly as we celebrate our 50th anniversary this year. With our depth of experience, well-honed capabilities and extensive scale, we reaffirm our steadfast commitment to our passengers in delivering a caring, reliable, safe and secure service and an elevated customer experience.”

In its tender proposal, SBS Transit is committed to establishing a new Bus Captain Training and Certification Centre which will play a pivotal role in elevating the Bus Captain driving proficiency, road safety, and service excellence and provide a consistent standard across the industry. 

It is also focussed on sustainability programmes and will build on the work done previously which had earned recognition and certification such as the Eco Office (Elite) Certification by the Singapore Environment Council, the Platinum (Super Low Energy) Award from BCA Green Mark, and the distinguished title of winner in the Energy Efficient Building Special Submission Zero Energy Building category at the ASEAN Energy Awards 2021.

Significantly, SBS Transit has pledged to achieve the revered “Net Zero Energy Building” status which will deploy innovative solutions such as a comprehensive Smart Metering System that leverages real-time data for analysis to optimise energy and water usage. 

Concurrently, passengers can expect an elevated customer experience, for instance with mobile self-service robots.

With today’s tender results, SBS Transit continues to remain as the biggest public bus operator with a market share of 55%. It operates 192 bus routes in Singapore under eight bus packages of which two are tendered and the remaining six are negotiated ones.