Technical University of Munich Asia Partners with SBS Transit to Enhance Training Competencies for the Land Transport Industry

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) Asia, the first overseas campus of one of Europe’s leading technical universities based in Singapore, and SBS Transit signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) today, formalising the partnership to build a robust talent pipeline and elevate training competencies for the land transport industry.

As part of the collaboration, SBS Transit will provide internship opportunities to TUM Asia students specialising in transport-related courses, including degree and master’s programmes. This will enable them to apply their academic knowledge to practical industry scenarios and gain real-world experience. In addition, SBS Transit will facilitate thesis research opportunities for TUM Asia’s master’s programme students. TUM Asia students and employees will also have the opportunity to take up attachments and learning journeys with SBS Transit to keep abreast of the current land transport industry practices in Singapore.

Central to the MOU is the development of industry certification programmes. TUM Asia and SBS Transit will collaborate closely to design and develop certification courses aligned with the industry’s accreditation needs in transport operations and engineering. TUM Asia will offer consultancy services to SBS Transit for these certifications by providing the industry’s best practices in the areas such as public transportation planning, traffic engineering, and trackwork.

To stay ahead of the emerging trends and challenges in the land transport industry, TUM Asia and SBS Transit will co-develop courses designed for local and international dissemination. These courses will equip public transport operators with the best industry practices, methodologies and latest technologies to enhance their capabilities in the land transport industry.

Dr. Markus Wächter, Managing Director of TUM Asia, said, “This MOU will cultivate more opportunities for collaborations between TUM Asia and SBS Transit through academic knowledge transfer, industry practices, talent mobility and business connectivity within Singapore as well as in the European region. We hope to boost the industry capability and growth of talent pool in the land-transport field globally by enabling our youth to access the opportunities the region has to offer and contribute their knowledge and expertise in making a tangible impact in the land-transport industry.” 

Mr Jeffrey Sim, Group Chief Executive Officer, SBS Transit, said: “We believe that cultivating a strong talent pool is paramount to driving the future of public transportation. This collaboration with TUM Asia is part of our commitment to boost the land transport industry capabilities through our company training committee, established with the National Transport Workers’ Union, where we foster the growth of talents who will shape the future of public transportation.”