Work on the go in professional workspace at MRT stations

Anxiously looking for a corner in a café to catch up on work, a quiet spot to receive an important conference call or a private space to discuss a confidential project with the team while on the go? With a SWITCH booth, you can do all of these in a convenient, exclusive and professional workspace that is conveniently located in some MRT stations on the Downtown Line.     

For a start, three individual booths are now available at the DT9 Botanic Gardens Station. An individual booth and a larger four-seater booth are also available at the DT22 Jalan Besar Station. Each booth is equipped with a worktable and chair, wi-fi access, bluetooth speaker, lights, power points and privacy screen.  

SBS Transit Chief Executive Officer for Rail Business, Mr Jeffrey Sim, said: “We are pleased to be collaborating with SWITCH, a work-on-demand platform, to offer new workspace amenities to cater to the needs of working executives on the go. The first in the public transportation space, they are highly accessible as one can simply hop off a train to a booth and hop back on again after work is done. Certainly no more anxious moments looking for a quiet seat in a crowded café and no more disapproving looks from others when one sits for too long to do work.” 

SWITCH Vice President for Go-to-Market, Mr David Zhao, said: “We are excited about this collaboration with SBS Transit as it brings two visionaries in transportation and workspace to introduce a critical network of access to give users even more flexibility and efficiency to work and commute from point to point. We will study the usage patterns to determine how we can further roll this out in Singapore to benefit more of the workforce.”     

Mr Tang, a 36-year-old manager, welcomes the availability of these work booths in MRT stations. He said: “For working commuters like me, rain or shine, I can just hop off the train and go to the work booth within minutes instead of leaving the station to hunt for a cafe. The booth gives me privacy and wi-fi to attend to my meetings and I can easily hop back on the train when I’m done to head to my next destination.” 

To access the booths, users have to download the Switch app with a link to their credit or debit cards. The system grants access into the booth with a walk-in pass which is generated through a QR code on the SWITCH app. Usage is charged by the minute, with a minimum charge of $1 per session. At the end of the session, the system will automatically calculate the total usage time with the amount displayed on the SWITCH app and this is charged to/deducted from the user’s credit/debit card.  

More information can be found on SWITCH’s app and social media platforms. 

Instagram: @switchworkspaces 
Telegram: @switchsgfans