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SBS Transit - Press Release
SBS Transit - Press Release

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Archive - December '04

Free Honey for Passengers on CityBuzz Services 325

Following the launch of CityBuzz services on 13 December 2004, SBS Transit will continue to give away free bottles of honey to passengers travelling on CityBuzz services tomorrow and Saturday (17 and 18 December 2004).

On these two days, a poster that says “Free Polleney Honey on board CityBuzz” will be displayed on selected buses of all CityBuzz Services, C1, C2 and C3. Passengers on board any of these buses will receive a 200ml bottle of Polleney honey at any time during the operating hours between 10am and 10pm, while stocks last.

About CityBuzz services
The CityBuzz services are services that loop within the city area. There are three CityBuzz services namely C1 (Orchard Route), C2 (Chinatown Route) and C3 (Little India Route). Operate daily from 10am to 10pm, CityBuzz buses will call at key stops at every 10-15 minutes without the need to press the bell for stop. A chime will be sounded at every stop to alert passengers. All CityBuzz buses will spot a different service plate from the normal SBS Transit buses and commuters can identify them by looking out for a friendly bee at the bus-stops and in front of the buses.

Fares for CityBuzz are at $1 a trip by ez-link card or cash. A $5 CityBuzzPass is also available for unlimited rides on all CityBuzz services for a day. CityBuzzPass is available at all TransitLink Ticket Offices. For travel in the month of December 04, CityBuzzPass will cost only $4.

More information on CityBuzz can be found at .

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