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SBS Transit - Press Release
SBS Transit - Press Release

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Archive - October '04

Get your Bus Service Arrival Time with *Send 655


Running late? Should you wait for the bus? Is it going to be here soon?

With *SEND 655, you can check bus arrival times quickly and easily using your mobile phone. SBS Transit and SingTel today rollout a pilot run of this new service on Service 518, an express loop bus service that operates from Pasir Ris to Tampines, Bedok North Road and Newton Road. The pilot run will last for about six months.

Mr Elwyn Tan, Deputy Director (Marketing), SBS Transit said, “This unique service is part of our ongoing efforts to enhance our customer service. *SEND 655 leverages on the Location Base Service technology to provide the estimated bus arrival time for our customers, hence helping them to better plan and manage their travelling time.” 

It is a convenient way to check the bus arrival time. The user only needs to enter the code *655 on the mobile phone. Following that, the user will be prompted by a return SMS to key in the boarding bus stop code and bus service number. Upon keying in the information, the user will then receive a return SMS informing him/her the estimated bus arrival time.

To mark the pilot run of *SEND 655, SBS Transit offers users free access to this service from 18 October to 19 November 2004. Thereafter, a review of the trial will be made to evaluate and extend this feature to other bus services, following which a promotional rate of 10 cents# every time they make a successful request. A normal rate of 30 cents# will be charged for each completed successful request after the promotion period.

SBS Transit’s other *SEND service, *SEND 656 (previously known as *SEND 652) allows users to check on available bus services to their desired destination. Just dial *656 on the mobile phone and the system will automatically determine the user’s location and inform the user of the available bus services in the vicinity. By keying in the desired destination, a point-to-point bus travel solution will be provided to the user. This service also allows the user to request for the route of any SBS Transit bus service via SMS. Users of *SEND 656 will also enjoy free access from 18 October to 19 November 2004. A rate of 30# cents is chargeable for each completed successful request thereafter. 

Other new services

Virtual Map - Online Digital Mapping System

Commuters can now access SBS Transit’s online digital mapping system in the SBS Transit website ( under the Travel Guide for Bus to check the actual routing of all SBS Transit bus services. The online mapping system enables users to search for bus service availability by landmark, postal code and address. It can also help users to search for amenities like restaurants, shopping centres and hospitals around bus interchanges, NEL stations and bus stops. 

Powered by, this online digital mapping system adopts a raster based imaging technique which pieces numerous map tiles into a single GIF image. With this facility, plug-ins are not required. It also offers faster map downloading time and is more visually appealing to users.

SBS Transit Guide
Reflecting SBS Transit as a bi-modal transport operator, we have also produced an integrated guide with information on the bus and rail services operated by SBS Transit. Other features like popular food outlets are also included in the new integrated SBS Transit Guide. 

The SBS Transit Guide is available at all SBS Transit bus interchanges and NEL stations.

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