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SBS Transit - Press Release
SBS Transit - Press Release

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Archive - September '04

Preview of SengKang LRT West Loop for interested flat applicants in SengKang

The exclusive preview will provide interested flat buyers with a free LRT ride on the Sengkang LRT (West Loop) and enable them to see the site at Fernvale Grove where the new flats will be constructed under the BTO system. 

Simon Lane, Chief Operating Officer (Rail) said, “We are pleased to collaborate with HDB in providing this preview to interested flat buyers so as to give them a feel of the actual location of the Sengkang LRT station to their future residences. We hope this will go some way to facilitate the success of the HDB project.” 

Flat applicants with admission tickets can access the Sengkang LRT system for a single-loop trip at the Sengkang Town Centre Station. Customer Service Officers will be deployed to render assistance at the station and on the LRT vehicles. 

This is the second time that SBS Transit is providing exclusive preview of its Sengkang LRT for interested buyers of HDB flats in the Sengkang area. In March last year, SBS Transit worked with HDB to provide exclusive preview of the East Loop of Sengkang LRT when HDB launched its new flats in the Central Eastern part of Sengkang.

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