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SBS Transit - Press Release
SBS Transit - Press Release

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September '07

Public Transport Operators Contribute $0.6 Million To Help Needy Families

The two public transport operators SBS Transit (SBST) and SMRT Buses (SMRT) have jointly contributed $0.6 million worth of transport vouchers to help needy families cope with the bus fare increase.

SBST contributed $0.5 million and SMRT contributed $0.1 million towards the vouchers. Together with the $2.4 million from the government’s Public Transport Fund, a total of $3.0 million will be given out in public transport vouchers this year.

100,000 vouchers will be given out and each voucher is worth $30 and can be used to buy or top up EZ-Link cards or to buy monthly concession passes.

The transport vouchers will be disbursed through the Citizens’ Consultative Committees (CCCs), to complement the assistance they are already rendering to the needy through the CCC ComCare Fund. The National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) will also help distribute the vouchers to needy union members. The vouchers will be delivered to the CCCs and NTUC in late October.

Needy Singaporean families who need help to cope with the fare increase can approach their grassroots leaders, the 105 Community Clubs/Centres islandwide. Unionised members from low-income families should apply for the vouchers through their unions or the NTUC.