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SBS Transit - Press Release
SBS Transit - Press Release

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October '07

Motorists who give way to buses help to improve travel times for bus commuters

It is a simple act but one which few practise. In fact, many motorists find that giving way to buses that are trying to exit bus bays is a "troublesome" act.

But those that do are not only practicing road courtesy, they are also benefitting millions of commuters who use public buses every day.

Based on the findings of a 19-month long survey, it was found that the average waiting time for buses dropped by between 38% and 80% when motorists gave way to buses exiting bus bays.

"Every day, our buses carry over 2.2 million passengers. Imagine how many commuters will benefit from your simple act of signaling your intention to give way and slowing down for the bus to exit," said Mr Gan Juay Kiat, Chief Operating Officer, SBS Transit

To encourage more motorists to demonstrate this courteous act on the roads, SBS Transit is launching a "Give Way to Buses Exiting Bus Bays" campaign from 15 October 2007 to 15 December 2007. This will be the second time since October 2005 that this campaign is being run.

The campaign will also include a "Spot the Courteous Motorists" programme where enforcement officers of LTA and roving inspectors of SBS Transit will be on the look out for motorists who give way to buses exiting from bus bays. These motorists will receive a "Thank You" letter and a $10 petrol voucher sponsored by Chevron Singapore Pte Ltd, as a small token of our appreciation for their kind and courteous act. The petrol voucher can be redeemed at any of the Caltex stations in Singapore.

Air fresheners in the shape of a bus carrying the "Give Way to Buses" message have also been produced and will be distributed from November 2007 at all seven McDonald's drive-through outlets located around the island. The air fresheners will be available whilst stocks last.

"We hope in the long term motorists will automatically give way to buses without the need for this campaign," added Mr Gan.