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SBS Transit - Press Release
SBS Transit - Press Release

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Cheng Lim LRT Station To Open And Sengkang West LRT to Run in Both Directions


From 1 January 2013, SBS Transit will operate the Sengkang West LRT in both directions throughout the day, instead of only during the morning and evening peak hours which is the case currently.

The move will enable SBS Transit to better cater to the travel needs of commuters. In all, an additional 1033 trips will be added to the line each week. Train frequency will be maintained at 3 to 4 minutes during weekday peak hours and 5 to 6 minutes at other times.

On the same day, Cheng Lim LRT Station, which is on the Sengkang West LRT, will also be opened for passenger service.

Since January 2011, average daily ridership of the Sengkang West LRT has grown by a third to about 16,000.

SBS Transit operates the Sengkang and Punggol LRT systems. Sengkang East and Punggol East loops are in full operation, with all 14 stations opened and the lines running in both directions throughout the day. On the Sengkang West Loop, all the eight stations except for one, Kupang, are opened. Kupang Station, as well as the Punggol West Loop, has not been put into revenue service due to a lack of residential developments in its vicinity. In all, 21 of the 29 stations are opened for service.