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SBS Transit - Press Release
SBS Transit - Press Release

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Opening of Samudera Station on Punggol West LRT Loop


Samudera Station (PW4) on the West Loop of the Punggol Light Rail Transit (LRT) system will open for passenger service on Friday, 31 March 2017. This will provide better connectivity for commuters to get to the Marina Country Club where kindergartens as well as leisure and dining facilities are available.

Mr Jeremy Teo, 38, an IT Consultant, said, “With the opening of this station, it makes it easier for me to send my child to her kindergarten. I’m counting down to the day when this will happen!”

Train services will continue to operate under current arrangements. This means that the LRT trains will run only in one direction. From the start of operations to 3pm daily, they will serve Sam Kee Station (PW1) as the first stop with Soo Teck Station (PW7) as the last before looping at the Punggol Town Centre Station to commence the trip again.

From 3pm to the end of service, the trains will move in the opposite direction, departing from the Punggol Town Centre Station with Soo Teck Station (PW7) as the first stop and Sam Kee Station (PW1) as the last.

This arrangement provides the majority of commuters with the faster way to get to the Town Centre during the first half of the day and back to their homes during the second half of the day.

Trains will continue to operate at a frequency of between seven and eight minutes with no change to the timings of the first and last train.

With the opening of the Samudera Station, all seven stations on the Punggol West LRT Loop would be available for passenger service except for Teck Lee Station (PW2). It will only be opened in tandem with the developments in the surrounding areas.

Please refer to the attached publicity poster for more details.